When She Lets The Chickens Out Of Their Pen, They Attack!

Chicken Attack

When She Lets The Chickens Out Of Their Pen, They Attack!

Ashley Rego

She props up her camera, presses record, and prepares for the worst part of her day.

Wanting to share with others the terror of her daily routine, Phaylen Fairchild decided to document the torment she endures each and every morning, for all of us to see.

In her hilarious footage, we see Phaylen walk over to the boisterous chicken coop and unlock the door. One by one, the chickens mosey on out, clucking and squawking incessantly.

As she turns around to make her way back to the house, the chickens follow maliciously behind her. Suddenly, one of the chickens pummels itself full throttle into Phaylen’s leg. Another chicken joins in on the attack as frustrated Phaylen shoos them away. The evil chickens trail her all the way back to the porch, as she continues to yelp helplessly as the birds peck at her legs!

We can’t help but laugh as these crazy chickens ensure Phaylen doesn’t make it through the day without the anticipated attack!

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