This School Kicked A Five-Year-Old Out After They Found Out What His Dad Used To Do

This School Kicked A Five-Year-Old Out After They Found Out What His Dad Used To Do

Erika Carter

It’s said that you shouldn’t judge a person on their past, but that’s exactly what a Christian academy did to a five-year-old boy’s father. The father is Jay Grdina, a former adult film star who was married to arguably the most famous porn star in history, Jenna Jameson. After Grdina and Jameson divorced, Grdina married Erin Naas. The two own a very successful energy drink company called NOHO, which prevents hangovers.

Three of Grdina’s nephews attended Scottsdale Christian Academy and he wanted his son, Jayden to attend the school with them. Jayden was accepted to the school and his $10,000 tuition was paid in full. According to TMZ, shortly after he was admitted, Grdina received this email from the school:

Unfortunately after a final review during our admission process, we are now unable to provide admission… It has been brought to our attention that due to the lines of business that your family is/was in would violate these foundational critical issues of SCA.

The school’s handbook takes strong stances against alcohol, drugs and gambling and states that admission to their school is a privilege.

In an interview with Fox 10, Grdina expressed shock and disbelief with the decision:

“I didn’t think it would be an issue, I had three nephews attend the school, and two that graduated with top honors so I really didn’t think it would be an issue, especially with my son. I mean we went through the full interview process, we started in December of last year I mean they had plenty of time to do their background research.”

Grdina is also planning on suing the school since they have not returned the $10,000 tuition.

Oh wow, such stress. We hope this gets resolved soon. What are your thoughts?

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