This Child Predator Social Experiment Proves the Dangers of Social Media

This Child Predator Social Experiment Proves the Dangers of Social Media

Angela Markus

The Internet is a gateway to information among other things. Unfortunately, it is also a dangerous portal for young people. While social media is extremely popular in our every day lives, there are treacherous people lurking to cause harm.

Coby Persin demonstrates just how dangerous it can be in his Child Predator Social Experiment. 

The YouTuber creates a fake profile of a 15-year old teenage boy and adds three young girls as friends after receiving their parents’ permission. What follows is shocking and should be shared with everyone to help prevent the unthinkable.

The first girl is Mikayla. After talking with the supposed teenage boy for a couple of days, she agrees to meet up with him. As she walks to the park with hopes of meeting a young boy, Mikayla is surprised by Coby and her screaming father. The two scold the young girl on how the situation could have gone completely wrong if it were a pedophile instead.

Juliana, is even younger. She is twelve years old and plans to meet the boy she has been talking to online. Coby sits with Julianna’s dad in a car while the plot unfolds. Dad is hopeful that his little girl wouldn’t open the door. But his hopes are in vain. The preteen opens the door and could have been easily taken away. Dad definitely has some tough love for her.

Then there is Jenna, she is 14 years old and thinks her parents are out for a date night. Jenna’s parents are confident she will not go through with the prank. Mom says, “I do not even believe it’s her!”

Then Jenna does the unimaginable; she gets in the white van only to be grabbed by the assailants. Thankfully for her, it was Coby and her parents. This could have gone seriously wrong.

If this video does not show you that cautious of the Internet is warranted, I do not know what will.

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