He Carries This Man On His Back Every Single Day. The Reason? I’m Sobbing!

He Carries This Man On His Back Every Single Day. The Reason? I’m Sobbing!

Patrick Dangermond

Every single day for the last 3 years, 18 year old Xie Xu from China, has done something that many people wouldn’t have the strength or heart to do.

Zhang Chi, Xie’s 19 year old best friend, has muscular dystrophy. This disease inhibits Zhang from doing even the most basic of activities, like getting around on his own. As you can imagine, this makes everyday life a struggle for the young man. But Xie refuses to let Zhang’s disability stand in the way of living a full life, and receiving the education he deserves.

So Xie does the only thing he could think of to make this possible for Zhang. Each and every morning, he arrives promptly at Zhang’s house, holsters him onto his back and carries him to school.


Xie makes a dozen trips a day with his friend, 200 days per year. He even gets meals for him when he needs to. All so that his friend can make it to school on time.


Next year, they will be separated as they are scheduled to attend other colleges. For now, Xie makes sure that Zhang gets to his classes on time. 


What’s more is that this isn’t a mere story of friendship. Zhang and Xie are the two top students in their class.


It’s estimated that 243,000 children miss school in China because of ailments such as Zhangs. However, Zhang has not missed on day of school. 


I think that Xie is ready to do big things in his life.  


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