This Clever Chips and Dip Hack Will Change The Way You Snack

This Clever Chips and Dip Hack Will Change The Way You Snack

Angela Markus

Whether it is your favorite movie, a dinner party, or that exciting football game, any excuse to indulge in some chip-and-dip action is always fun. The best thing about this combination is the plethora of dip recipes that are just waiting to be made and devoured. But that is not the gist of this article. Even better, we’re here to share with you a way to make our favorite activity even better! 

While a bag of potato chips and a tub of sour-cream-and-onion dip is delicious, it is not exactly gourmet. Parties have given chips and dip a bad name as “the lazy snack,” but it really does not have to be that way. You can amplify the style of eating chips and dip with this simple hack. For me, the prettier it looks, the tastier it will be.

For this hack you will need some required items: a wine glass, a bowl, your favorites chips, and, of course, your favorite dip. First prepare your dip and pour into a wine glass. Place the wine glass inside of the bowl, and then pour your chips inside of the bowl surrounding the glass. Done!

In just a few seconds, you became a classier snacker!

Doesn’t that look appetizing? Enjoy! 

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