This Chocolate Candy Bombs Recipe Is So Easy!

Candy Pinata

This Chocolate Candy Bombs Recipe Is So Easy!

Bethany Burrows

If you’re anything like me then you LOVE dessert! I love dessert even more when it comes in the perfect serving size so I’m not tempted to eat more of it than I should.

Over at the YouTube channel MyCupcakeAddiction you can find tons of dessert recipes perfect for parties, play dates or just a fun snack.

This recipe uses silicone cake pop molds to create something new and exciting that you will love!

All you need is melted chocolate and mini M&M’s!

Pour a small amount of melted chocolate into your mold and use a spoon to drag it up the sides. Let your first layer harden in the fridge before you add one more layer of the chocolate. After layer number two has hardened, fill half of your chocolate bowl with mini M&M’s and top it with the other half of your bowl. Using a plastic bag, pipe a line of melted chocolate around your chocolate ball to seal it in place. Decorate the outside with M&M’s and you’re done! These little chocolate balls look like baby pinatas and the candy surprise inside is sure to be a hit!

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