Learn How To Chop Wood The Easy Way Using Two Tires!

Learn How To Chop Wood The Easy Way Using Two Tires!

Erika Carter

Who knew chopping wood could be so easy? With a couple old tires and an axe, chopping wood can now become a task easily conquered. Rather than freaking out at the sight of the woodpile waiting to be chopped, follow these simple steps to make the process easier and more enjoyable!

First, you’ll need two old tires stacked on top of each other. In order to keep the top tire from falling off, be sure to tie them tightly together. Anything from leftover rope, to garden twine will do the trick!

Next, you’ll need to create a hard surface to set your logs on. To do so, simply drop a small log in the center of the tires. Be sure the log has a flat top to it — this will make it easier to stand the log you’ll be chopping upright.

Lastly, place the piece of wood to be chopped snuggly in the middle of the tires. Now you’re ready to split the log! By swinging the axe over your head and straight down, onto the top center of the log, you’ll find the wood will split in half with just a few swings!

The tire keeps the logs that you’re chopping in place and also prevents pieces of wood from flying everywhere! This makes it easier to gather the chopped pieces of wood and stack them neatly in a pile.

What was once a daunting task of splitting logs can now be an enjoyable activity!

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