Large Sharks Eat Whale Carcass

Whale Carcass

Large Sharks Eat Whale Carcass

Erika Carter

It’s hard to believe a shark could eat a whole whale on its own. Let alone a large whale as big as the sperm whale. In this video, white pointer sharks consume a large whale that was found dead off the Continental Shelf.

For three hours observers watched as the sharks casually took advantage of the decomposing whale carcass. That must have been quite the meal for these happy sharks, but also very sad for the dead adult sperm whale.

It is quite a fascinating thing to see the sharks taking bites out of this enormous whale that would otherwise not have fallen prey to such smaller wildlife.

This makes me ponder as to what the cause of death could have been for this large majestic creature who would have otherwise have lived many more years.

The next morning the dead sperm whale’s body finally washed ashore Campbells Beach and was buried closely to the water’s edge; this was more than likely an attempt to have the ocean winds carry the rotting whale scent towards the ocean instead of towards the mainland.  Because of its large size, the whale’s carcass will take years before it is completely decomposed. Isn’t nature amazing? SHARE the love and pass it on!