Watch This ‘Clown’ Transform Into a Total Babe In This Makeup Tutorial

Watch This ‘Clown’ Transform Into a Total Babe In This Makeup Tutorial

Angela Markus

At the beginning of this tutorial, you might get confused and think that this makeup artist is showing us a tutorial on how to perfect clown makeup. Then, with a couple strokes of the brush, she transforms her look that is ideal for a night out on the town.

Amazing YouTube vlogger and professional makeup artist BellaDeLune shows us how she perfectly blends colors to create contoured skin.

The new style of makeup was the result of a collaboration with fellow beauty vlogger Makeup by Alo. This style has the potential to turn the makeup industry upside down. Although the initial video was not meant as a tutorial, because of high demand she had to release an extended version.

The makeup artist created the initial clip as a response to those who had previously teased her for the way she looked. She said, “We did this extreme color correct highlighting contour collab to basically send a message even though you don’t need this amount of makeup or any makeup at all to feel or look beautiful, let’s face it, makeup is fun, and it’s a way of expressing yourself.”

I absolutely agree- but if only I were that skillful!

During the extended version, the makeup artist goes as far as to paint a poop emoji on her forehead which she explains demonstrates the light-hearted nature of the video.

She said, “Did you see how easy I was able to draw this little poopy emoji? It’s just kind of to say that do you know what negativity could be around us all the time but guess what just literally blend it away or brush it away whatever you want to call it.”

What do you think about this style of makeup? We think it’s so cool! 

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