This Coca-Cola Ad Will Make You Remove Labels Once and For All!

This Coca-Cola Ad Will Make You Remove Labels Once and For All!

Angela Markus

Coca Cola sponsored an experiment where they invited six strangers to sit in a dark room and talk about themselves. The strangers were to discuss themselves, their likes and what they do. The other strangers would join in the conversations by adding their input based on what each stranger stated.

This experiment was conducted in the dark at first. The first guy dressed casually in a jacket and shirt spoke about how he played in a heavy metal band. Other strangers assumed that he had long hair, which he probably tied into a ponytail, with piercings.

The next stranger spoke about the books he liked to read, books on cognitive psychology and behavioral science. One stranger said he assumed that the book worm would look like a nerd, even joking that he may think he was cool, but could not hide the fact that he was a nerd. Little did they know, he was covered in tattoos from head to toe…

Another stranger, even though he spoke English before, spoke about himself in Arabic. Others assumed that he was probably dressed in religious Arabic garb. The one stranger who was actually in full Arabic garb talked about how much he likes to cook and spend most of his time in the kitchen. Others thought that he sounded mature. There was another man who loved extreme sports. That young man was wheelchair bound.

Finally, the lights came on! Every individual was inaccurate with his assumption of what the other strangers looked like depending on what they sounded like, or what their interests were. One of the other gentlemen participating admitted that in another setting he would not sit and talk to one of the people in the group.

The most profound moment of the video comes at the end when each man is asked to open a box from under his seat. Inside of the box, there were two cans with writings on them, “Labels are for cans, and not for people.” How impactful!

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