She’s Rinsing Her Hair In Coca Cola For That Perfect Wave!

She’s Rinsing Her Hair In Coca Cola For That Perfect Wave!

Jamaica Bravo

Bet you had no idea Coca-Cola had uses other than as a sugary-filled thirst-quencher that your kids are obsessed with. This genius found a really unusual, and interesting way to  use our favorite beverage and it doesn’t involve making ghetto alcoholic drinks at frat parties.

Leave it up to the internet to entertain us with crazy ideas. YouTube beauty expert Elko heard about a legendary beauty hack  that has gone viral all over the web lately. Elko’s YouTube channel, Beauty Hacks: Fail or Holy Grail?, is basically a female internet version of the famous TV Show Mythbusters.

In this video, Elko decided to test out the myth of the “Coca Cola Hair Rinse”, which apparently, according to internet forum frequenters, is a fantastic way to turn your limp, straight hair into the intentional textured, beach-bum-waves style that so many celebrities are rocking these days.

So she took two bottles of Coca-Cola and rinsed her hair with it, and much to her surprise, discovered that it does actually work! It’s almost as good as those sea salt sprays people are spending so much money on at salons in an attempt to achieve the same look.

After showing off her new waves, Elko endorsed the method by saying, “I am really impressed with the results. I really thought my hair would be the same when I wash[ed] it out….Frankly, this is something I would actually do because it’s more easier than going over your hair with a waver or braiding it the night before. And it’s cheap because it’s Coke.”

What do you think? Let us know if you would be willing to try out this beauty hack in the comments!

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