This Cockatoo Dances Along to Elvis!

This Cockatoo Dances Along to Elvis!

Kendall Conners

From the moment he stepped on the scene in the 1950s, Elvis Presley has become one of the most famous and loved icons of all time. With his stunning good looks, irresistible charm and famous hip-shakin’ moves, it’s no wonder why he’s gone down in history as The King.

Elvis fans are some of the most loyal and dedicated fans around. Ever heard of Graceland? To most fans, Graceland is their Mecca. But Elvis fandom isn’t limited to just humans. Turns out if you’re an adorable cockatoo – you can love Elvis too!

The man in this video happens to be the proud owner of two (well, one more than the other) devoted Elvis fans. As soon as he starts strumming his favorite Elvis tune on his guitar, his cockatoos lose it!

The two birds sit perched on a pole when the music starts. Both of their feathers get a little ruffled, then one of the birds looks at the other like, “whelp, here we go.”

After that, the cockatoo on the right is off and running! He starts dancing and puffing up his feathers — he just can’t control his love of Elvis, and who can blame him?

What do you think of this adorable little Elvis fan?

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