Use Coffee Grounds In Your Beauty Routine To Reduce Under Eye Bags and So Much More!

Use Coffee Grounds In Your Beauty Routine To Reduce Under Eye Bags and So Much More!

Jamaica Bravo

Do you regularly spend money on new under-eye creams, trying desperately to get those dark sunken circles or puffy eyes to fade? Well, so do we, so no shame, but as it turns out, we no longer have to! There’s a much cheaper, all natural solution that we never thought of before. We’re pretty surprised and thrilled to hear how easy this concoction is to make, and can’t believe no one ever told us about it before! Though, now that we’ve heard of it and checked the ingredients list on all our under-eye creams, it makes perfect sense.

Turns out, all you need to lift those dark circles, fade puffiness, and clear up some of those allergy symptoms is to mix together just a couple ingredients from your cooking cabinets. In this video of her online blog, Simplecare Products, this helpful former-pastry chef, who has struggled with insomnia for years, explains the amazing benefits to using this quick dark circles fix. Her name is Stephanie Gagnes and she now uses her knowledge of food and chemistry to create, as she puts it on her website, natural solutions “that were made with pure, real ingredients, like fruits, vegetables and spices instead of the standard ‘stuff.’”

Bound by the frustration to make natural products without preservatives, she developed DIY Fresh Masks that are mixable – fresh! – with common pantry items, foods and juices.” With such a solid background, and a willingness to share many of her ideas with strangers on the internet for free, we think we might trust Stephanie’s advice over that of companies just trying to make money off of us. And on top of that, turns out that many of the ingredients Gagnes mentions on her blog, can actually be found in those expensive skin care products anyway!

Which brings us back to this amazing under-eye treatment of hers, which has worked wonders for some of us already! Apparently, all you’ll need to create this easy DIY skincare wonder, is a tablespoon of coconut oil, a tablespoon of coffee grounds, and a teaspoon of ground black peppercorns. This antioxidant-rich, caffeine-filled mixture, is fantastic for your skin and will leave it feeling fresh, moisturized and glowing. As Gagnes describes in her video below, this DIY under-eye “mask” will only take about ten minutes out of your morning and evening routines, and will really work wonders on your appearance.

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