How To Make Paper Flowers Out of Coffee Filters

How To Make Paper Flowers Out of Coffee Filters

Patrick Dangermond

Jamie Petitto from the YouTube channel “Do It, Girl” has found a great homemade gift that you can give to a special someone in your life. As she says in the video, citizens of the United States spend over $2 billion on Mother’s Day ALONE on flowers. That’s a lot of cash!

So why not make some flowers instead to give your bouquet a more personal touch?

You are going to need some coffee filters, a pair of scissors, a pen or pipe cleaners, some strong tape, a rubber band and any form of adhesive. She offers you two different styles of flowers you can make. I like the first one called the “Bunch N Crunch,” but you might like to do things a little differently.

Just wait until you see the finished product. They come out amazing!

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