Magical Cake Changes Colors From Each Angle

Magical Cake Changes Colors From Each Angle

Angela Markus

Just when you thought you saw it all, here is something to question your sanity. Now, there is a long list of items that can change color. One of the most talked about stories of 2015 has been the infamous dress (which I am still arguing about), but we also have seen the well-known chameleon, shoes, nails, and cars change color. Here, we have a cake that is capable of doing the same thing.

After being given a quick flick of the wrist, this rainbow-filled masterpiece was initially posted by a Reddit user named Sippingin. The dessert transforms from orange, yellow, and pink to blue, green, and purple hues. While the illusion has caused much Internet debate for another color perception war, there is an explanation.

The cake is, in fact, all of the colors seen at the same time. It’s been decorated with waved ridges to create small peaks that were then painted with orange, yellow, and pink food dyes on one side and then green, blue, and purple food dyes on the other side. When you look at it from the right, you see the warm color spectrum. When you glance from the left, you see the cool color spectrum.

No need for arguments- just watch and be mystified!

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