Man Cooks Turkey In Dishwasher. Yes, You Read Right!

Man Cooks Turkey In Dishwasher. Yes, You Read Right!

Angela Markus

Since its creation, the dishwasher has been a lifesaver for many housewives. I mean, who wants to scrub and fight with soiled pots and pans when this godsend can do it for you. To kill most of the bacteria on a dirty dish, water must reach a scalding 140° Fahrenheit. That temperature is easily reached in a dishwasher, but in a sink, it’s nearly impossible. But before now, if you told me that you can cook a turkey in a dishwasher, I would ask if you were crazy.

Jed Cossonay shows us how to cook a turkey, pie and stuffing in the dishwasher. First, he de-bones the turkey, cuts it into pieces, and then wraps it in plastic wrap so water does not touch the meat. Although he forgot to put spices on some of the pieces, he uses garlic, oregano, black pepper, sage, marjoram, and potassium salt.

After double sealing the pieces of the turkey, he does the same to a pumpkin pie, and a bowl of stuffing. Next, he loads the top tray of the dishwasher with the items and allows that to cook for 90 minutes.

Two hours and three cycles later, he removes the bird, pie and stuffing from the dishwasher. After inspecting the meat, he is amazed at how moist and tender it is. He then puts the turkey in the oven to obtain a caramelized look for roughly 20 minutes.

As gross as this concept is, it is disturbingly fascinating!

Will you bake a turkey in the dishwasher?

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