With Just A Few Simple Tools He Turns An Ordinary Coin Into Something Amazing!

With Just A Few Simple Tools He Turns An Ordinary Coin Into Something Amazing!

Sophia Gioiello

If I had a nickel for every time I’m at a parking meter and really need a quarter but can only seem to find pennies in my purse, I’d be a millionaire. Finding a quarter in your wallet when you really need one is like finding a parking spot in the front of Target on a Saturday afternoon. Satisfying in more ways than one.

Coins are an essential part of our currency, quarters especially! Quarters, which have been around since 1796, are one of the few coins that are worth their weight in gold. These top-of-the-food-chain coins can be used for so many things such as laundry, parking meters, gumball machines, and not to mention the fact that they quickly add up to make a dollar.

While quarters really go that extra mile, I somehow always end up with loose change everywhere, quarters included. At the bottom of my purse, in between couch cushions, in random pockets — especially those pesky pennies! I can NEVER seem to get rid of those. But there’s a way you can take all that loose change and turn it into something useful and beautiful.

I stumbled across this awesome tutorial from YouTuber, fencekid and just had to share. In this video he shows us how to take a coin (he uses a quarter in this tutorial) and turn it into a double-sided ring!

For this project all you need are a few simple tools and the coin of your choice. A quarter is probably the easiest to work with because it’s the largest coin. He lists off the tools that you’ll need in the beginning of the video and most of them you probably already have, but if not they can easily be found in a hardware store.

From there, he goes through the steps of how to turn an ordinary coin into a beautiful double-sided ring. He goes through each step of the process slowly and clearly, so it’s very easy to follow and understand. At the end of the video he has himself an awesome new ring!

Watch below and learn how to turn something you already have (a coin) into your next favorite accessory. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it’s going to be my new weekend project! He makes it look so easy, I feel like even someone with no crafty abilities like myself can do it!

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