Best Cat Dad Ever Makes Coolest Kitty Play Space Ever

Best Cat Dad Ever Makes Coolest Kitty Play Space Ever

Erika Carter

A lot of people view their pets like their own kids, so it’s really no surprise to hear of pet moms and dads going above and beyond for their dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles, you name it. While most pet parent good deeds include putting the pet in a matching sweater in the family holiday card or remembering to pick up some extra treats and toys as a nice surprise at the grocery store, this cat dad truly went above and beyond.

Thinking that all of the regular manufacturer made cat playhouses were pretty lame, Imgur user, spaz31, decided to take it upon himself to make a cool, one of a kind play space for his favorite pet.

While I don’t want to spoil the end result of the cat house, I will say that once you scroll down to the bottom of the pictures, you’re guaranteed to be in for a real treat. Also, from what it looks like, this guy is a real “Lord of the Rings Fan” — or who knows, maybe his cat is?

Either way, the final product is quite possibly the coolest pet house ever made. No one show this to my cat, she’s sure to view me as completely inadequate now. Oh, well. Poor thing will just have to settle for a matching sweater this upcoming holiday season. That’s the best I can do.











Some green shag carpeting was added for a mossy effect; silk flowers added a pretty touch.

Needs more flowers.

Looks like it.


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