SDPD Cop Does Nae Nae With Kids

SDPD Cop Does Nae Nae With Kids

Angela Markus

There is a new trend in the news¬†of police officers and their negative interactions with members of the community. But sometimes we come across footage from those who protect and serve and it is so heart-warming. Watch San Diego police officer John Larson dance in a crowded parking lot with a group of kids. He is not just busting a move, but the 33-year-old officer is doing the funky “whip/nae nae” dance popularized by hip-hop artist Silent√≥’s hit song Watch Me.

This priceless footage shows exactly what policing is all about. In an interview with local news, Larson said, he was patrolling the Qualcomm parking lot before Sunday’s game when players from the El Cajon Falcons football team hit him up about a fundraiser. The team was raising money for an upcoming trip. Larson donated some cash, but the kids had another request. They wanted the Mid-City officer to do the whip/nae nae with them.

“I’d seen it before, but I wasn’t really familiar with it,” he said of the dance. “Right before they played the song one of the kids was showing me the moves, so I was definitely playing catch up.”

When the kid pressed play, Larson didn’t hold back. A crowd gathered and can be heard cheering in the background. The cop believes in doing anything that supports the community, especially for kids. He said, “That’s what I enjoy the most about my job.”

The twerking player on the side adds even more hilarity to the clip.

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