Corgi Puppy Going Down Stairs Will Make Your Day

Corgi Puppy Going Down Stairs Will Make Your Day

Angela Markus

Puppies are cute and lovable just like babies. It is something about their bright eyes and their innocence that makes them so attractive. Maybe it is just our innate behavior to care for babies. For many years, they require lots of nurturing and a whole lot of love.

The Corgi in this video is so charming you just want to love up on him all day. You also want to help him figure the conundrum he is faced with.

Peanut Butter, as he is delightfully called, is 9 weeks old. He is having a very hard time descending the stairs in his home.

He comes from behind the wall and braces himself for the challenge. He sits watching his owner recording, and then lays down. It is as though he is signaling with his eyes his apprehension for the task.

He then takes the small leap and lands on his front paws. But the poor pup slips to the next stair. His yelps and whimpers in a panic.

He is overwhelmed by the task. He goes back and forth contemplating his next move. Peanut Butter’s owner reads his mind. He lays on the step refusing to go any further, and those loveable eyes say it all.

After laying for a quick second, he goes back up a stair. I think he is more comfortable up there. He sits there, maybe he is thinking don’t give up, you can do it and go all the way. No! Maybe another time.

This pup had enough. Peanut Butter is so addictive; you are going to want to watch him over and over again.

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