Behold, 8 AWESOME Uses for Wine Corks

Behold, 8 AWESOME Uses for Wine Corks

Angela Markus

If you love wine just as much as I do, then you would have collected a disturbingly high number of wine corks over the summer months. Opening and finishing a new bottle of wine has to be one of those divine moments that I cherish. The smoothness and pleasure that derives from a glass of your favorite wine is unmatched. But what do you do with those darn corks? Here are 8 amazing options.

Household Hacker suggests getting crafty, he cuts a cork into eight equal pieces and glues magnets to them. He decorates the opposite sides and use as picture magnet for the fridge.

He creates the neatest housing for air plants by grabbing two air plants, magnets, a knife and a cork for this wonder. He carves out one end of the cork and sticks the air plant with glue. He then attached two magnets with glue and sticks on a fridge. So genius!

The next hack is the perfect key chain. He inserts a screw eye into the top of a cork, and attaches a key ring and a key. If you lose your keys in water, this lifesaver will float. For a decorative piece, he gets a clear, wide vase, a glass the same height, a candle and some corks. He places the candle inside of the glass, and the glass inside of the vase and stuff corks all around the glass. Magical!

He makes a cork mirror by cutting corks in half and sticking them to a mirror. But this mirror has multiple uses. It is can be used as a hot plate, too! The next hack is perfect for an emergency. He place corks inside of a jar with rubbing alcohol for one to two days, then places one in a candle holder; it lights just like a candle! How awesome is that?

Next, he makes a chip clip by cutting a “v” shape into the cork, and Voila! The Household Hacker has something for you gardeners as well; he grabs skewers, corks and a sharpie. He inserts the skewer into the cork and writes labels on the cork. You never forget what you are planting again.

Seriously, best set of hacks I’ve seen yet! Don’t you agree?

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