This Cottage Has Been Abandoned For Decades. What The Owners Left Behind? EERIE

This Cottage Has Been Abandoned For Decades. What The Owners Left Behind? EERIE

Kendall Conners

I don’t know what it is, but abandoned homes can be SO fascinating. Between the mystery of why it was left abandoned and the curiosity of who used to live there, abandoned places can make anyone stop and wonder.

When it comes to the story of what’s known as “Crooked Cottage” people everywhere are scratching their heads wondering what happened. Located in the rural Hertfordshire in eastern England this cottage, which seems to be stuck in time, has been abandoned for years. It sat untouched for years until one man, Toby Batchelor, discovered it.

Batchelor is an urban explorer photographer and stumbling upon this empty and abandoned house is a dream come true for someone in his field. This home, which seems to have been untouched since 2003 looks like a time capsule.

The interior of this eerie home looks like someone had left in a hurry, with the intention of returning. There were clothes still stuffed in dresser drawers, old photographs still on display, a made double bed, what looks like a fresh jar of gooseberries, a calendar that dates back to December 1956, and so much more. According to the Daily Mail, a father and his adult daughter occupied the house until he passed away in 1971. The daughter remained in the home until 2003.

What’s inside “Crooked Cottage” has to be seen to be believed. Check out Toby Batchelor’s photographs below.





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