Synchronized Skating Team Performs To Country Music

Synchronized Skating Team Performs To Country Music

Angela Markus

Synchronized skating is the fastest growing discipline of figure skating. Teams are made up of sometimes 8 to 20 skaters, and they perform formations on the ice such as blocks, lines, wheels, circles, and intersections, all while holding on to each other. The sport is exhilarating and can be extremely difficult, but it sure looks like fun! Watch as this Canadian team performs a routine to country music. It will surely leave you awe!

The objective of synchronized skating, or “synchro”, is for the team to perform as one unit executing maneuvers in unison to the music while demonstrating quality edges, power, and flow. Synchro programs are a big deal in Canada as many skaters of different age and skill levels compete every year at the ISU Synchronized Skating World Championships. Last year, this team enticed the audience with their championship winning routine.

As the sport grows in popularity around the world, Canada is considered a world leader in this discipline. At the 2015 meet, SP Team Canada 1 nailed their every move. Skating to “MUD” by The Road Hammers and cheered on by an enthusiastic home crowd, “Nexxice” skated to the lead in the short program and earned a level four for the Pivoting Line and the ‘No Hold Element.’

What an incredible sport!

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