Couple from Viral Pregnancy Surprise Video Announce Miscarriage

Couple from Viral Pregnancy Surprise Video Announce Miscarriage

Erika Carter

Last week we shared a beautiful story with you all about a couple who just found out they were going to have another baby.

Vlogging couple, Sam and Nia, made the internet rounds last week when Sam surprised his wife with a pregnancy announcement. Because she has two small children who are very light sleepers, she tends not to flush the toilet in the middle of the night if she uses the restroom. Thus, Sam was able to “take the test” for Nia and found out the couple was pregnant before Nia did. He captured the whole thing on video and of course it went viral. 

Tragically, however, the couple just made the announcement that they miscarried soon after finding out Nia was pregnant. The video is very personal and very raw, yet they felt they needed to share this upsetting turn of events with their fans.

Miscarriage is a truly terrible experience, so perhaps if something good can come from this ordeal, it is that they are creating a dialogue and allowing other couples in similar situations to feel like they have a voice.

Our hearts go out to this strong couple.

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