Oops! Someone Let The Cow Inside The House!

Oops! Someone Let The Cow Inside The House!

Jamaica Bravo

Oh my goodness, how did that cow get in the house?!

Mom came home to find quite an interesting sight. Somehow there is a cow in the house and, needless to say, Mom needs to know how it got in there! Boy, does her little girl have a story for her…

First, she doesn’t know how it got in there. Then, she opened the door to take a look and suddenly she was in the house. It pooped and she had to clean it up. No, wait, that’s not true.

Oh, the cow was bleeding! Oh no, wait! The cow tried to eat her.

Eat her?! Well then what explains all the affection these two have?

Her guilty daughter goes on and on about how in the world a cow got into their house, and when you see just how big her imagination is, you won’t be able to contain your laughter. More surprising than this barn-yard visit is Mom’s patience.

Can you imagine your child lying to you, let alone finding a cow making itself comfortable in your living room? I’d freak out!

Her little girl is actually really cute. Who could blame her? That face is totally worth a deep weekday cleaning.

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