They Heard a Crack Come From The Crane. Seconds Later, It Falls On The Town!

They Heard a Crack Come From The Crane. Seconds Later, It Falls On The Town!

Angela Markus

The advancements in technology have allowed massive construction efforts to repair or construct bold infrastructure. But this shows how the use of larger than life equipment can go terribly wrong.

In a western Dutch town, two cranes lifting a stretch of roadway for the reconstruction of the Queen Juliana Bridge in the Netherlands have collapsed from the barges carrying them. The incident took place in Alphen aan den Rijn, which has a population of some 100,000 people.

From the video, we can see the crane moving the large piece of road from one spot to another. As the crane turns, its weight causes the barge to tilt and eventually topple over.

What is not shown in the video is the number of houses that were crushed when the road and crane fell. A witness said, “It is inevitable that there are fatalities. The cranes have fallen on houses where people live.”

Aerial shots of the town show many houses and businesses in the area where the crane fell. According to local preliminary reports, it is estimated that 20 people may have been injured, at the very least.

Two ambulances were spotted at the scene of the accident and a rescue team is currently looking for people under the rubble. It is not clear how many people were inside their homes when the cranes fell, but a third crane was deployed to pull away the collapsed ones.

Keep the locals in your prayers.

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