The Weather Man Was About To Give The Forecast When… OOPS! This Is Too Funny!

The Weather Man Was About To Give The Forecast When… OOPS! This Is Too Funny!

Angela Markus

Live television can produce some unexpected, hilarious moments for the entire world to laugh over. Anything can happen at any moment. Some of the funniest moments come straight from our morning news. How ’bout that crazy weather?

This meteorologist from Fox 10 News in Phoenix got an odd surprise while giving his weather report. Poor guy does his best in this very unusual situation and rolls with it the punches.

Two maps behind him seem to display the most absurd temperatures ever seen anywhere on Earth. The average temperatures for that time of the year in Arizona should range between low 60s and mid to high 70s. If we believed the maps, areas such as Ahwatukee and Florence were expected to reach some unimaginable temperatures, way past the extinction of man.

The weatherman hilariously says, “I am not authorize to evacuate Ahwatukee, but 1270 seems a bit high for the city.” Classic!

The newscaster can’t contain himself as we hear his off-screen laughter. This guy just rolls with it. Cave Creek appears to have the most alarming number with a temperature of 2960. It is safe to say that everyone in the state would be incinerated if that were the truth.

The weatherman turns into an instant comedian as he improvises with the startling error. He says of one of the temperatures, “I think steel boils at this point…don’t even bother looting up there.”

Thankfully, producers got it right eventually and produced screens that were accurate. The weatherman was able to complete his report without a hitch. Hilarious!

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