He Set Up a Hidden Camera In His Apartment and Discovered He Had an Unwanted Visitor

He Set Up a Hidden Camera In His Apartment and Discovered He Had an Unwanted Visitor

Kendall Conners

Ever wonder where all the food in the fridge has gone? Was it the kids? Was it your husband? Well for this man, enough was enough. After questioning his girlfriend he decided to set up a camera pointing to his kitchen to find out just where it was going.

Like something out of a horror story there was a creepy woman crawling out of a duct in his wall while he slept in the next room. This woman would eat away in the fridge — even drink juice right out of the carton! The woman even went as far as relieving herself the kitchen sink, the same sink that they wash their dishes in.

This was not her first time here, she had the process down to a T. She knew exactly where to stand and where to position the stool to get down safely and quietly. She knew where everything was in the pantry and didn’t rush in and out of the home.

As the creepy woman is relaxing on the couch eating she hears someone coming and hides while the homeowner walks right by her and drinks out of the same carton she was gulping away earlier.

Finally she decides she has had enough and quietly and carefully climbs back up her duct and places everything back as it was. I am constantly looking for things in my home and I always think that someone is taking them, only to realize that is was right under my nose. For this man, he was correct there really was someone taking his food!

After watching this video I am left with so many questions. Who is this woman? How long has she been doing this? And am I safe in my own home?!

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