This Lion’s ‘Roar’ Will Make You Want To Cuddle Him

This Lion’s ‘Roar’ Will Make You Want To Cuddle Him

Erika Carter

Lions are pretty terrifying animals. In fact, a better term might be beast. They are pretty terrifying beasts. Though The Lion King taught us that they’re friendly, loving animals real life proves that they are definitely to be feared — well, at least the grown ones.

Rather than Ahh!,  this video of a lion cub “roaring” will make you go Awwe! and for good reason. The little guy is just so cute and fluffy and squishy and….well, adorable. He’s adorable. And when he tries to roar, what ends up escaping from his mouth is more along the lines of a whimper.

We’re sure this little guy will grow up to be a big, scary guy in no time. But for now, we can’t help but find him irresistibly adorable.

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