Dad and Daughter Do The Whip and Nae Nae

Dad and Daughter Do The Whip and Nae Nae

Angela Markus

While reading a Times Magazine article earlier this week, I came across an article on the most influential teenagers in the US. On that list was teenage sensation Silento because of the popularity and mass appeal of his summer hit Watch Me. From J.J. Watts to 80-plus-year-old grandmothers, to police officers; almost everyone was whipping it while recording their moves and posting it to social media. This father and daughter went viral with their version as a way of supporting the troops.

The young Internet sensation and her dad are part of the thousands of people who posted fun videos dancing to the hit song. Austynn Samarco starts the dance on her own, recreating some of the famous moves from the music video. A short time later, Austynn is joined by her dad, Josh, who is wearing a cowboy hat.

Channeling his inner hip-hop, the youngster’s dad begins strutting his stuff in front of the camera while his daughter quickly looks over to him and starts dancing in unison. The father/daughter duo showed that they could “whip and nae nae,” just like anybody else but for an amazing cause. According to Fox News Insider, the two made the video to honor the U.S. troops.

Although some might regard the dance as being a little goofy looking, one cannot deny it celebrity over the past months. And I am for anything that supports the men and women of service.

What did you think of this father-daughter Nae Nae dance?

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