Right In The Middle Of The Wedding, Dad Becomes The Flower Girl!

Right In The Middle Of The Wedding, Dad Becomes The Flower Girl!

Angela Markus

It’s not just the bride and groom that get nervous at a wedding. The members of the wedding party, down to the youngest person, can get cold feet too. That’s exactly what happened to one little flower girl recently and it was all caught on video.

When it came time for the little girl to start walking down the aisle, with her flower basket in hand, she just stood there as the crowd of people stared at her. That’s when dad stepped in, without missing a beat, and tried giving the little girl a gentle nudge. He got her to walk several feet and began to show her how to throw the flower petals. She then just stopped and threw herself on the ground in protest.

Dad tried helping her up, but she refused, so he picked her up. That’s when things started to get even more interesting. Instead of just leaving with her and escaping from the stressful situation, he helped her finish the job that she was meant to do. He carried her down the aisle as he threw the flower petals for her. The wedding guests thought all of this was one of the funniest thing they’ve ever seen, as you can tell with the roaring of laughter that filled the church.

It isn’t clear who stole the show more, the shy flower girl or her fun-loving father. Weddings can be scary; so who can blame the little girl for not wanting to be the center of attention and just wanting to blend in with the crowd. Thankful her daddy stepped in and saved the day. After all, the show must go on.

This is surely one wedding that no one will forget anytime soon. This dad certainly knows how to SHARE the love and pass it on.