Father Who Built His Son a Kitchen Playset Has The Best Response To Online Bullies

Father Who Built His Son a Kitchen Playset Has The Best Response To Online Bullies

Angela Markus

It goes without saying that there are positive and negative attributes of the Internet. People have the opportunity to share their heart-warming stories and within minutes others have the ability to respond with adverse and unfavorable comments.

As a parent, it is important to pay attention to the interests of your child to help guide them to their destiny- like this dad. He made the most thoughtful present for his son and shared it online. He was met with the meanest of comments, but he was not having it.

Reddit user sixstringhook’s son loves to watch as Mom and Dad cook, so he did what any awesome dad would do for his son’s second birthday – built him the ultimate kitchen playset, complete with a stove, oven, and sink!




After sharing his unbelievably DIY online, the trolls came out with disrespectful comments asking the dad if he wants his son to be a f****t.

One commenter wrote, “How to turn your son gay 101.”

But this was one case of internet bullying that Dad just wasn’t going to let go. He has the best response.

Well, going off of comments I have received both online, and in person regarding my wife and I’s decision to make our SON a kitchen playset and several ‘daughter’ comments and ‘but he is a boy,’ let me be perfectly blunt.

F*** you. Anytime we go to our local science center, or to the children’s museum, he always wants to play in the kitchen playset area. He always wants to watch us cook and likes being involved, so we thought this would be a good idea.

Furthermore, if my kid wanted a Barbie doll, I would get it for him. If that is what he wants, then that is what he wants. It’s his decision what he wants to play with. Not mine.”


We couldn’t have said it any better! Way to go, dad!

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