Dad Celebrates Sending His Kids Off To School and It’s Too Funny To Handle!

Dad Celebrates Sending His Kids Off To School and It’s Too Funny To Handle!

Jamaica Bravo

This adorable little boy and girl are not excited about having to leave home and go to school for the first time. Their mom sweetly ushers them into the bus, but you can just see their despondence as they climb slowly and reluctantly in. When her son turns around and give mom a heartbreaking pleading look that says oh so clearly, please let me stay home!, she kindly gives him a reassuring expression and gestures toward the vehicle

Dad, on the other hand, is in the background filming the whole thing and making fun of his kids’ drama. “What a dork…” he says when his little boy turns tearfully to mom for support.

And the second those kids are safely in the bus and out of the house for good, you should see the party Dad throws for himself in celebration! First time the two of them get the day to themselves in years?! Woohhoo! Who wouldn’t celebrate like this??

Though I certainly hope he didn’t show his kiddos that part of the video when they got back home from school that day, because I don’t know about you, but if the little boy and girl were really as sensitive and serious as the beginning of the video made it seem, I think they might have been just a little bit hurt by their Dad jumping for joy! 

What do you think about this dad’s reaction? Would you have done the same thing on your kids’ first day of school? Did you?! No judgements. Let’s hear what you have to say below!

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