Nine Years After His Son’s Death, His Father Comes Across Something That’ll Make You Believe in Fate

Nine Years After His Son’s Death, His Father Comes Across Something That’ll Make You Believe in Fate

Kendall Conners

It was like any other day for John Brynarsky. He went to work at Team Hendrick Body Shop in North Carolina doing what he’s been doing for the last 45 years — working on cars. But what started out as an ordinary day took a turn for the mysterious when a certain bumper was brought in to the shop.


John’s son, Chris Brynarsky, was a custom paint job expert. But in October of 2006 he was brutally shot and killed following an argument in his own car detail shop. After he was shot, he fell over the bumper he was working on, damaging it, said his friend Mark Cosentino, according to Daily Mail.

Cosentino was devastated. He repaired the bumper, the last thing his son was working on, and put it back on the car. But before he did so, he left something special on it.

On the inside of the bumper he wrote “In memory of Christopher Brynarsky October 11th, 2006 11:45 AM.”

“I just wanted to immortalize him,” Cosentino said. “That was my way of doing it.”


His death came as a devastating blow to the family, and although it happened nine years ago, it still feels like yesterday.

“I miss him every day,” John, his father, said. “And we think about him every day, too.”


Chris Brynarsky is pictured in the back left.

On one fateful day, John was at work in his shop when he removed a bumper from a car. To the surprise and shock of everyone, it was that same special bumper that Chris was working on when he was shot. The one Cosentino left his mark on.

Everyone in the shop was stunned, especially John who was the one that found it. For that bumper to end up in their shop nine years later is mind-boggling. Is it fate, destiny or just one crazy coincidence?


Now John and Cosentino have a bond that neither of them expected. Cosentino never thought anyone would actually see the bumper, so when it ended up in the hands of Chris’s family is just absolutely amazing.

What do YOU think of this crazy story? Fate or coincidence? I think it’s just way too crazy to be a coincidence.

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