Dad Freaks Out After Walking Through a Spider Web

Dad Freaks Out After Walking Through a Spider Web

Angela Markus

There are maybe a handful of people in the world that are not afraid of spiders. For the rest of us, the undesirable sight of those eight-legged creatures is enough to send us temporarily insane. This dad knows exactly what I am talking about.

When this guy realized that he had a creepy crawly on his back, his clothes came flying off and he went running.

Dad’s moment of panic began when he realized that he got entangled in a spider web outside. Unaware of the repercussion, he asked his wife and daughter to check him out. They did, and unfortunately, dad brought the spider in the house. When both mother and daughter screamed at the ghastly sight, dad lost it.

His reaction was similar to that of a little girl… as his daughter so kindly pointed out. While it was hilarious to her, mom was disturbed by the fact that the spider was inside her home. After finding the insect, mom and daughter erupted in laughter before remembering that dad’s hysterical moment was caught on tape.

Thanks for sharing and providing us all with unbelievable laughter!

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