Dad Tries His Best to Get His Infant Twins Dressed

Dad Tries His Best to Get His Infant Twins Dressed

Angela Markus

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the dad of twins? Well, this clip offers some profound insight. Once your little one is rolling over and crawling, changing diapers goes from a squirm session to a flat out battle of wills. When you add another baby into the mix… well, it is just hilarious.

Getting everyone dressed might seem like you’re doing more crowd control than actual dressing. This clip shows a dad of twins wrestling his them into snap-up onesies single-handedly.

Between trying to keep one baby in one place while keeping the other child from making a break for it, Dad certainly has his hands full. However, his strategy for handling the mobile toddlers is solid. For this dad, it is all about timing.

At one point, he sits at the end of the bed to minimize the risk of anyone falling off. When he switches babies, in true twin fashion, the clothed twin decides to tackle the other direction to make a crawl for it.

Despite the struggle, Dad finally does it! He made it through another changing session like a champ!

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