Dad Made a Promise To His Daughter 17 Years Ago. How He Keeps It Will Melt Your Heart

Dad Made a Promise To His Daughter 17 Years Ago. How He Keeps It Will Melt Your Heart

Jamaica Bravo

Paul  and his two children were involved in an atrocious car accident several years ago, that resulted in Paul being paralyzed, and his little boy being killed. The only one who made it out of the vehicle without any permanent injuries, was Paul’s daughter, Brittany.

The loving, and previously very active, father took the loss of his legs almost as hard as he took the loss of his son. Before the collision, Paul’s favorite thing to do had been to dance. It used to be a common happy sight to see Dad frolicking around the house with his kids and amusing them with his antics. But now, Paul was told that he would never walk again, let alone dance.

His son was dead, and his daughter, Brittany, who was only twelve years old, would now spend the next several years of her life taking care of him, when she should be out having fun with her high school friends. The worst part though, for both Paul and Brittany, was that they would never be able to share the customary father-daughter dance at her wedding.

When Brittany grew up and became engaged, Paul found himself horribly depressed. But daughter, Brittany, had no intention of giving up on their dreams, so she told him she still wanted him to “dance” with her at the wedding. Paul was embarrassed to look a fool, but he reluctantly agreed. Brittany went out and found a special dance instructor who works with people in wheelchairs.  

In this video, you can see that Paul did indeed get to dance with his daughter on her wedding day. He didn’t fall and embarrass himself. In fact, their dance routine, set to “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack, was so touching it left everyone watching in tears- me included!

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