Dad Records Students Falling on Ice and It’s Hilarious!

Dad Records Students Falling on Ice and It’s Hilarious!

Jamaica Bravo

This Dad got a kick out of watching a bunch of preteens at his kid’s school deal with the first snowfall of the winter. The walkway leading from the parking lot to the inner school was covered with hidden patches of ice. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud the first time he saw a kid crash and burn on one of the bigger patches, then hurry off, embarrassed, hoping no one noticed.

When the same thing happened again and again, Dad decided to pull out his video camera and start filming. Now you too can watch and giggle as a bunch of junior-high students figure out how to cope with black ice, their bruised bums and egos, in this funny clip.

The best part is that the photographer isn’t the only person who thinks the scenario is funny. Several of the girls decide to hang back and practice their skateboarding and balancing skills on the patch. Then they watch as other kids, unaware that it even exists, get caught unawares, crashing and burning as they hurry by.

This might make you think that hurrying over the patch is a bad idea, but several of the boys have actually figured out the best pace to send them gliding perfectly over the patch without missing a beat — and that’s a full jog. Dad predicted that these boys would fall, but they were much more observant than he had given them credit for, and they run over it flawlessly, without incident.

Luckily, for his entertainment and ours, most other kids fail in their attempts to cross the ice without falling. I don’t know about you, but I remember my first real encounter with ice, and it was pretty similar to what these kids experienced.

I wonder if the teachers and staff joined them outdoors at break and lunch. If they did, I’m sure they were laughing just about as much as this Dad.

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