Dad Makes His Baby Laugh By Playing With Pacifier

Dad Makes His Baby Laugh By Playing With Pacifier

Angela Markus

Having babies around can be so much fun! Not only are they are adorable, they can provide endless entertainment for the whole family. Their amusement for the brand new world around them is eye-opening for those of us who have been here for what seems like forever. Babies find humor in the most random or ordinary acts, and when they do, they laugh!

Their laughter is contagious, and when a baby giggles, you almost always find yourself chuckling right along with them. Clips have been posted of babies laughing at a donkey, parents kissing, and at their pets. It is clear that some of the best laughs are given to us by infants.

Here is another incredible example of how the simple laugh of a baby can brighten up your day! This particular clip is of a dad and his little boy having some fun together. When the dad puts the pacifier in his mouth, the entertainment begins. For some reason, this baby finds an extreme amount of comedy in his dad’s ability to spit out the pacifier unexpectedly. Dad seems to oblige by making him chuckle at every opportunity.

His pure joy is most amazing and terribly infectious.

Warning, you might just watch this baby several times; he is just too cute.

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