These Dads Rap About What It’s REALLY Like to Be a Dad!

These Dads Rap About What It’s REALLY Like to Be a Dad!

Erika Carter

Quite a few of us have had many experiences with our fathers growing up and rarely did we ever — especially during our teen years — think our dads were cool! We certainly didn’t imagine them as cool, or swagged out like our favorite rappers.

However, these four dads have taken it upon themselves to create a video that shows just how cool dads can really be! These four suburban dads are here to tell it like it is and show us what fatherhood is really all about.

This video has plenty of jean shorts, polo shirts, socks and sandals which you could only find in a typical dad’s closet! However, there’s nothing typical about these dads. As soon as the video begins, you can tell that you’re in for a show.

Their rhymes take on new heights as they rap about everything that they do for their families on a day to day basis, from mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges to spending time in floaties with their daughters at the local pool.

Now, while you may think this video is a little corny, once you start watching it you’re sure to get a good laugh! Watching these everyday dads rapping and staying in sync as they ride their John Deere lawn mowers, grill their selection of meats and name the plants that they’ve potted in their back yards is truly hysterical!

In honor of the upcoming Father’s Day, these four dads break it down and show the world what fatherhood is really about and why we should show our dads a little extra love!

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