Father Raps For His Special Needs Son

Father Raps For His Special Needs Son

Angela Markus

Many parents will tell you that caring for a child with special needs has its challenges. However, those same parents will also tell you that the love that they receive from their little ones diminish the hard times. Jayce Correia has a passion for rapping and his son. When he combined the two, the result was something that will destroy your tear ducts.

Correia from Danbury, Connecticut, shows the rehabilitative effect his music has on his eight-year-old son, Jared, who cannot stand, talk, or see. As he passionately raps lyrics to a beat, Jared suddenly becomes animated cracking a big smile and even attempting to sing at one point.

Jayce wrote the song for his son in a bid to communicate how proud he is of him, and Jared appears to be listening quite intently in his wheelchair. According to Huffington Post, Jared suffered a stroke in the womb which caused a buildup of fluid in the brain. He was born with cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, and several other debilitating medical conditions.

To date, the youngster has undergone seven brain surgeries to help remedy symptoms and more operations are expected in the future. Correia believes that although he cannot comprehend much, he can hear and feel rhythms.

The songwriter said that he wrote Jared’s song one morning while they were waiting for the school bus and it proved to be an instant hit. “He was a little tired that morning, but as soon as the music came on, and I started singing to him, he perked right up,” the dad told The Huffington Post.

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