Baby Smiles When Dad Whispers ‘I Love You’

Baby Smiles When Dad Whispers ‘I Love You’

Angela Markus

At a certain age, your little bundle of joy will respond to the sound of your voice.  He or she will be stimulated with a variety of sounds, and will also smile at you while waiting for your response.  But this baby has the cuteness response to dad’s I love you we’ve seen yet.

At 5 months old, babies hit many milestones, including holding up their heads on their own, holding their bottles, and mastering baby babble. But one thing that is always amazing to witness is their ability to answer parents in the most adorable of ways.

Dad is seen rocking his little precious to sleep and tells him those three magical words. The baby’s response is golden. As sleepy as he is, he responds signaling he understands just what dad is saying.

According to, babies 4 to 7 months, know their names and understand that they are being spoken to. They will even acknowledge by turning toward you. At that stage, the baby is becoming more attuned to the tone of voices.

When the parent sounds happy, the baby will react joyfully, and speaking in a sharp tone, may result in distress and crying. Also, when the parent showcases love, the child responds accordingly. I can watch this over and over.

This is the perfect reason why parents need to show their little ones lots of love and affection.

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