This Dad Has Tattoos On His Arms. You Won’t BELIEVE Who Made Them.

This Dad Has Tattoos On His Arms. You Won’t BELIEVE Who Made Them.

Patrick Dangermond

Do you have any tattoos? They are an excellent way to express yourself through color and art as well as turn yourself into a living portrait.

When you think of tattoos, what do you usually think of? Personally, I don’t think of this dad right here.


However, this man has his arms covered with tattoos. What makes them so special? Scroll down to find out!

This man’s name is Keith Anderson from Petersborough, ON. He has a young son that he has been encouraging with his art and he’s an extremely proud poppa.

Every year for the last 10 years, he has gotten a piece of art that his son is most proud of tattooed on one of his arms. It’s like putting the drawing on the fridge but in way that he can permanently save them for the rest of his life. Here are some examples of some of the art on his arms alongside the originals.

Chance-Faulkner-Photography1-600x202 Chance-Faulkner-Photography2-600x202 Chance-Faulkner-Photography3-600x202 Chance-Faulkner-Photography4-600x202 Chance-Faulkner-Photography5-600x203 Chance-Faulkner-Photography6-600x202

This year, he even let his son tattoo a drawing onto his arm himself! This dad is awesome!


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