Dad Trolls Son and Wears An Embarrassing Sweater On First Day Of School

Dad Trolls Son and Wears An Embarrassing Sweater On First Day Of School

Erika Carter

While most parents don’t have to worry about embarrassing their kids until high school, one little boy proved that theory wrong.

At the ripe old age of five, this little guy shows that he is not only fashionable, but he wants everyone else around him to be as well. So when his dad tries to take him to school wearing an ugly Christmas sweater 4 months early, he absolutely loses it. This little guy does not want his friends to see him with his embarrassing dad.

The dad starts taping once the little boy shows signs of NOT being happy about his parent’s wardrobe choices. There’s lots of moaning and groaning and then finally the truth comes out.

“I don’t like your sweater!” he says while crying.

The dad stifles laughter while egging him on, but the poor little boy is having none of it. He does not find this situation amusing at all. In fact, he even requests that right there in the middle of the school hallway that his dad change.

Finally, the dad flips the camera around and we see just how ugly his sweater is. While grownups can find the humor in it and see that it is definitely a gag outfit, it’s hard for five-year-olds to understand the concept.

The absolute best part of the video is when, losing his filter completely, the little boy goes “Dad. You look awful!” Poor little guy. It’s hard having embarrassing parents.

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