This Is How Dad Watches The Kids… HILARIOUS!

This Is How Dad Watches The Kids… HILARIOUS!

Angela Markus

Many kids will tell you why staying at home with Dad is way more fun. Some of the biggest challenges in every family is managing activities. Our little angels become our biggest responsibilities; no one needs more time, love and care than our children. Naturally, when we think of the stay-at-home caregivers, Moms come to mind. They’re just great at everything! But this dad shows why he can totally handle the job! 

She thought that Grandma would appreciate seeing the cute things her grandbabies did, Mom decided to set up a hidden camera in the home. To no surprise, she captured her daughter dancing to Katy Perry’s Extraterrestrial while the baby was doing his own dance in the bouncer. But then she sees dad coming into the frame with something in his hand. Taking the opportunity to be the best dad ever, he stops what he was doing to join his daughter for an amazing duet. We can all see how their daughter really enjoyed her father’s dance moves.

I think Mom was elated to learn that her husband has dance moves unlike any other, but more important, just how much fun the three have together. I found this video to be one of the best symbols of mutual love between a dad and his kids. The enjoyment and excitement are priceless. Although his babysitting skill is jealousy-worthy, spying on Dad shows he is too good at his job!

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