Dad’s First Day Alone With Baby Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Dad’s First Day Alone With Baby Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Erika Carter

Most new moms run a very, very tight ship. Everything is scheduled, organized, and planned down to the minute. Morning nap? 10:17am on the dot. Lunch? 12:58pm every day. Evening bath? 7:22pm, like clockwork. Like we said, moms run a tight ship.

But every once in a while, moms must leave the house and when they do, the schedule they’ve so dedicatedly stuck to doesn’t always get followed by Dad. 

Though it might be a bit ridiculous and over exaggerated, as YouTube videos typically are, I’m beyond entertained!

YouTube personality Elle Walker of WhatsUpMoms allowed a hilarious glimpse into what her daughter’s schedule looks like when she’s not home. Spoiler Alert: it looks a LOT different than when Elle herself is in charge.

Though sticking to a schedule is great, sometimes it just can’t happen. And Elle’s husband showed (in an of course over-the-top manner) that when life throws you punches, you sometimes just have to say screw it! and handle the day as best you can… even if that means the baby goes down at an irregular nap time and the house gets cleaned using Glad Press’n Seal.

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