Pops Is Overwhelmed With Tears on His First Airplane Ride

Pops Is Overwhelmed With Tears on His First Airplane Ride

Angela Markus

Many people become undone when it comes time to flying on an airplane. For the most seasoned, takeoff can always heighten nerves. There are many things to consider, the movements of the plane during takeoff, the forcefulness of its initial ascent, and the possibility of the iron bird falling out of the sky. It can be terrifying for first-timers and this Irish dad will surely agree.

He has the funniest reaction to flying for the very first time. On his way to Liverpool for his daughter’s graduation, 57-year-old Patsy Carville handled it somewhat well. His daughter Michelle thought the reaction was too funny, so she decided to document the momentous occasion. She was also the obvious source of laughter in the background.

Patsy’s foul mouth makes the video all the more hilarious as he reacts to the plane’s initial takeoff. Watch as Patsy breathes heavily and swears with every anxious moment. In the three-minute clip, Carville’s daughter is enjoying her dad’s tense moments. In a touching moment, the father wipes the tears from his eyes suggesting his overwhelmed feelings of his first flight.

His daughter thought the reaction to her dad’s first flight was a must see, so she uploaded it to Facebook. Now Carville’s reaction has become a sensation on the Internet and we love him!

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