Barista With Autism Dances While He Works

Barista With Autism Dances While He Works

Angela Markus

Autism doesn’t mean limitation! This Starbucks worker shows us what is possible. Starbucks barista Sam is quickly becoming an online sensation, thanks to a customer who thought she needed to record the teen enjoying his job.

Sam smiles and dances while heating the milk and later pouring it into the cup of coffee before adding whipped cream and sprinkles. Carly Fleischmann uploaded the video to both YouTube and Facebook alongside a caption introducing Sam. She wrote on YouTube, “My birthday is in four days and my birthday wish this year is to have this video go viral. I would like to introduce you to a young teenager named Sam.”

Sam was diagnosed with autism. Like some people affected by the condition, he has a movement disorder which makes it impossible for him to keep his body still. Carly explains that the young man never believed that he would be able to perform such a job, but his manager Chris believed in his ability and got Sam to transform his movements into dance.

Although much work had to be done between the manager and employee, the partnership is now a successful. Chris trusted Sam’s ability and provided the young man with the motivation to have confidence. Sam is now known as the “dancing barista”!

We sure do enjoy watching him.

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