Brilliant Seagull Dances On Command For Breadcrumbs

Dancing Seagulls

Brilliant Seagull Dances On Command For Breadcrumbs

Erika Carter

You have heard of training your dog, a cat, and a parrot, but have you ever heard of someone training a seagull?

Seagulls seem one of the least likely animals that you would want or even try to train to do tricks.

When thinking of a seagull I imagine them swooping down onto the beach, grabbing bread or any sort of food floating around and then flying out into the open air … not doing tricks!

A man found some seagulls in what looks like a parking lot and when he asks the gull to dance he begins to tap dance on the pavement! In return for his dance moves he gets a piece of bread.

Every time the man asks him to dance he gives a little tap dancing jig, knowing hell get bread as his reward. I have no idea how he trained him to do this but it is very impressive! Maybe I’ll try this with a gull next time I go to the beach! SHARE the love and pass it on!