This Poisonous Caterpillar Packs One Painful Sting!

Puss Caterpillar

This Poisonous Caterpillar Packs One Painful Sting!

Erika Carter

When kids are home for the summer they spend most of their time playing outside. Catching fireflies, holding ladybugs and even touching the occasional caterpillar.

When you think about caterpillars, you usually think about nice and soft creatures that turn into beautiful butterflies. But there is one caterpillar that you definitely want to keep your kids away from this summer. This creature is referred to as the “Puss Caterpillar”. However, scientists refer to it as Megalopyge opercularis and advise to avoid it at all costs.

The “puss caterpillar” looks like a small brown furry leaf. They look completely harmless and almost cute. The fur may even look braided or wavy at times.

They might look nice but what you cannot see is the fact that they are covered in venom and the sting puts scorpion, bees and jellyfish to shame. Doctor’s from the University of Florida say that the venom may cause vomiting, instant intense pain, and even convulsions.

The caterpillars may fall from trees so take extra care when working outdoors. The pain is instantaneous and will need immediate medical attention. Soft and fluffy fur does not always mean cuddly. This little creature may develop into something beautiful but contact with it could mean big trouble. Keep your kids safe this summer and SHARE the love and pass it on!